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PETE LEPISCOPO has been in private practice in San Diego and Orange Counties since being admitted to the California Bar in 1989. His primary areas of concentration have been in corporate and business law, civil litigation and appeals in state and federal courts, including the U.S. Supreme Court, and state and federal constitutional law matters.

As Managing Attorney at the General Counsel Division of Million Voorhees Ziebold, LLP ("MVZ"), Pete and MVZ attorneys will assist businesses and owners of businesses—both large and small—at start-up, exit, and at every stage in between, including, for example: formation, conversion, governance, and dissolution of all types of business organizations; mergers and acquisitions; strategic risk assessment and management; review, correct, and update corporate records and policies; assess existing agreements; draft and negotiate new agreements; assess pending litigation threats; and conduct state and federal litigation.

When consulting with businesses, Pete often sees how litigation can easily result from business principals having different opinions about the sharing of control, management, ownership and cash flow. These differences often spill over into estate litigation threats when a business stakeholder dies. Pete can help put in place business succession plans that keep business stakeholders on the same page now and upon the death of a stakeholder. In cases where heirs are already fighting over business and estate assets, Pete knows how to work with tax and estate litigators to coordinate successful resolution of conflicts.

Finally, the best legal strategy is preventative by design. Such strategy is the most efficient and effective way to serve your business' interests of growing your business to generate new wealth while at the same time protecting existing wealth. Failure to effectively execute this strategy places your business' (and by extension your) financial future and wealth at risk. Through delivery of strategic and cutting-edge legal services guided by self-governing principles, the General Counsel Division will work with your business' principals and executives to assess and develop comprehensive legal strategies to protect this financial future and wealth.

If you are interested in meeting with Pete to discuss your legal needs and strategy, please contact him via email: or his direct line: (949) 878-9418. For additional information please use the following links: Pete's Notable Cases and Pete's Curriculum Vitae.

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