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Income Tax & Lifetime Income Planning

A shocking reality for most wealthy people is that they will spend 4-6 months out of every year working for the government by paying taxes in the highest marginal tax bracket. Without some serious tax-planning, millions of dollars every year that could be redirected to family and favorite charities will go straight to the IRS.

The planning experts at MV Law can help protect your wealth from the detriment of the US income and estate tax. Zero Tax Planning is a form of estate planning that effectively eliminates estate tax and reduces income taxes using a combination of charitable and non-charitable trusts. These tools can redirect tax money to trusts for retirement, family, and charity.

At MV Law, we help you to answer the critical questions in order to reach you tax planning objectives:

  • What resources do you have available (after taxes) to help you and your family members?
  • Are your planning team members qualified and unified?
  • Do your team members understand your priorities and principles that will guide transfer of ownership, cash flow, and control over assets at the right time to the right people?
  • Have you prepared the people who will manage and control your assets or receive ownership and cash flow interests in your assets?
The answers to these questions are essential for developing a customized plan that transfers and protects your wealth from the unnecessary tax burdens linked to your assets and income. We have helped numerous individuals and families save millions of dollars while, at the same time, benefiting charities and causes important to preserving family legacy and goals.
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