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Practice Areas

65 Installment Sale to a Non-Grantor Trust
67 Preferred LLC
55 Double Step-Up Planning
63 Incentive Trust
31 Sale to a Beneficiary Defective Trust
99 Dynasty Trust
57 EP Protection
49 Grantor Retained Annuity Trust
61 Zero Tax Estate Planning
71 SLAT - Spousal Lifetime Access Trust
59 Equity Stripping
101 Sale of Partnership Interests to a Family Grantor Trust
103 Tax-Efficient Squeeze Freeze
133 Wealth Strategy Counseling
147 Prenuptial
151 Wealth Dashboard
137 Family Wealth Blueprint
141 Financial Checkup
143 Value Proportion Letter
121 Family Meetings
131 Ethical Will
43 Business Vision and Value Retreat
135 Family legacy Video
139 Family Wealth Statement

Estate Planning reflects God-honoring character qualities across the generations.

145 Optimized Portfolios
105 Insurance as an Asset Class
107 Oil and Gas
97 Tax-Efficient Asset Management
115 Equity Appreciation Sharing
157 First Trust Deeds

Investment Counseling involves maximizing returns after taxes and after fees.

37 Charitable LLC
163 Conservation Easement
51 Super CLAT
53 Testamentary Charitable Lead Trust

Charitable Planning is the focus of our clients who want to convert involuntary philanthropy (taxes) to voluntary philanthropy while increasing wealth for retirement or family.

149 Charitable Redemption
35 Tax-Deductible Buy-Sell
75 162 Plan
79 Stock Option and NQDC Strategies

Business Succession involves transferring ownership, management, control, or cash flow at the right time with taxes minimized.

13 Domestic Asset Protection Trust
15 Offshore Trust
83 Credit Shelter Trusts with Life Insurance
93 Life Settlements
95 Long-term Care Insurance
73 Financed Indexed UL
81 Capacity Capture
85 Premium Financing
87 Fixed Private Split Dollar
89 Insurance Trust Review
91 Insurance Warehousing
159 Private Placement Life Insurance ("PPLI")

Asset Protection Planning requires the wise integration of trust planning with insurance planning.

39 Captive Insurance Company
19 Capital Split Dollar
25 DING/NING Trust
17 Business Income Tax Planning
21 Captive Preferred LLC
23 Cost Segregation Study
161 Leveraged Captive Insurance Company
27 Net Operating loss Strategy
29 Intellectual Property Strategy
77 Restricted Property Trust
45 Charitable Remainder Trust
33 Enhanced installment Sale
47 Capital Grains Split Dollar
111 Annuity Income Maximization
153 High Cash Value Insurance
155 Income Tax Diagnostic
109 Retirement Rescue
117 Family Retirement Account
113 Defined Benefit Combo
119 IRA Maximizer
123 Roth IRA Conversion
125 Stretch IRA Trust
127 Statutory Retirement Rescue
129 Tax-Sheltered Retirement Distribution LLC

Income Tax Planning helps generate tax-efficient income while deferring taxes on income not needed for lifestyle.

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