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Estate Tax Planning

Estate planning involves much more than transferring property at death or moving assets to avoid estate taxes. Wise estate planning involves preparing heirs for wealth and preparing wealth for heirs. Preparing heirs involves passing on values before the value of the estate is passed on to children or other beneficiaries. Preparing wealth involves putting in place business succession plans to transfers ownership, cash flow, management, and control at the right time to the right people in the right way.

At Family Office Law, we believe that the drafting of estate planning documents must start with design. We involve the CPA, lawyers and other professionals in process focused on teamwork. As explained at, we see to clarify the roles of each planning professional, establish clear goals, and track all next actions using highly secure web-based project management software.

When advisers work together with clear written plans, we can avoid the tragedies that often result in the loss of family wealth in just 1 or 2 generations. The article at explains how we help families successfully pass on their values before they pass on the value of their estates. We show how money spent on taxes can be redirected to charity without reducing wealth available for retirement or bequests to children.

At Family Office Law, our estate planning techniques are specifically designed to minimize taxes while maximizing wealth available for retirement, family and favorite charities.

Our unique, comprehensive approach is what sets our firm apart. Our law firm works with 5 affiliated firms to provide "one-stop planning." To see more about how FOL integrates with 5 affiliated companies, please visit and

We are attorneys and planners with experience developed since 1978. During the last 40 years, we have developed solutions for all types of basic planning, generational planning, special needs planning, elder law planning, charitable planning, life insurance protection, and integrated family wealth planning. Here are some strategy flyers (from that explain more:


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